Thursday, October 29, 2009

Green Flash Brewing Company West Coast IPA

Green Flash Brewing Company West Coast IPA

Green Flash is a microbrewery near San Diego, one of the many micro breweries in the area, most famous of which is Stone. California has an incredible amount of microbreweries. New York has a lot of people, why don't we have more here? Maybe I need to open a few.

What's the Scenario?: Just home from work, had some delicious Peanut Chicken for dinner, now time to dig into some beer.

Appearance: The color is a little lighter than I expected for an IPA, amber with a yellowish hue. The beer poured with a pretty decent size head(see picture, sorry for the graininess (did I spell that right?)). A nice lacy bit of head remains throughout the beer.

Smell: Not too overpowering, but clearly a hoppy aroma.

Alright, alright, how did it taste: The hops are intense in this, they hit you right away and stay at the forefront all the way through. There is practically no variation in this beer at first, you basically get slammed with a big burst of hops and thats it. Doesn't seem to have much balance from the malty side. I guess this is kind of the style, West Coast IPAs tend to be all about the hops. As getting-slammed-with-hops goes, this beer is pretty good, but doesn't offer much else. After about half way through, I started to change my mind about this a little bit. Once my taste buds got used to the intense hops here, some really interesting fruity flavors became obvious.

Rating: Pretty tasty, definitely worth trying. A little one dimensional but grows on you after a few sips. In honor of the announcement that rookie defenseman Tyler Myers is staying with the Sabres this year, I give this beer 7/10 Tyler Myerses.


  1. I had this one at Pizza Plant with a pod containing some sweet tomato sauce, so the up front blast of hops was welcomed. I have to agree with the 7 on the TM scale.

  2. I like the green flash, but I like all IPAs, especially extra hoppy ones, but the Green Flash is far from one of my top IPAs, and only because I think 7 is a pretty high number to start off with, I'll give it 6/7 on the TM scale.

  3. Come visit me in California! We do have tons of microbreweries, from Little Tokyo to Silver Lake.

  4. Apparently this beer is held in high regard.

    Ratebeer: 98th percentile
    BeerAdvocate: A-

    I am going to try not to look at these ratings before I do my own reviews, I don't want them to influence me.

    Kyle: 6/7 > 7/10