Friday, November 6, 2009

Dogfish Head India Brown Ale

This Brown Ale is brewed with some IPA-type methods such as dry hopping to make it a hybrid of sorts. It is one of the most widely available beers from my favorite brewery.

What's the Scenario?: It was a quick trip out to get dinner, an Italian Sub from Wegmans. With such a light dinner, I thought I would go for a heavier beer.

Appearance: As you can see in the picture, this beer pours with a luxurious, thick, light brown head.

Smell: A strong hoppy aroma, mixed with sweet sugaryness and maybe a hint of syrup or molasses?

Alright, alright, how did it taste: Sweet and malty, with almost some maple syrup type flavors. Plenty of hoppy bitterness, but the heavy maltiness balances it out so that the hops become fairly subtle. This is a beautifully balanced beer, giving you the satisfying full bodied flavor of a good nut brown combined with the pleasant bitterness and aroma of an IPA.

Rating: 8/10 Sam Calagiones


  1. i also tried this beer over the weekend. i wasnt quite as pleased as you. not sure what it was exactly. im going to have to try it again but i recall finishing my first one and not wanting to have another.

  2. Had this again on 1/1. This bottle poured with almost no head, and the aroma featured some pretty obvious black/chocolate malts. Not as hoppy as I remember. This was left at my house, so it is possible it had been aging for a while. Still very good, I don't change my grade.